John Young ønsker selskap- MC til Nordkapp i Februar

John Young fra England har bedt meg om å poste denne. Han skal til Krystal Rally i Gudbrandsdalen 17 februar, og vil prøve å kjøre derfra videre til Nordkapp og tilbake. Han ønsker naturlig nok reisefølge, enten som passasjer i sidevogna eller med egen sykkel:

Still looking for a co-rider / passenger on this proposed adventure ….

I’m planning a little trip next year up to the Krystall Rally again on the T160 outfit but may well be venturing a little further north afterwards.

It would be a 10 to 14 day trip, leaving the UK on Tuesday 14th February and probably getting back home on Sunday (26th) or Monday (27th).

If anyone is interested in being my co-rider and/or just passenger on the outfit, please just drop me a “pm” for further details.

Oh, and when I say “a little further north”, the target would be Nordcapp.

Obviously if someone from Denmark, Sweden or Norway wanted to come along, you wouldn’t be needing to be away from home for much more than a week

I really do need a partner-in-crime on this trip as although I think it may well be do-able on my own, I’d much prefer company just in case there are problems on the journey either with the bike, or weather or even me !!

Ved interesse, så kan jeg videreformidle det til John.

Mvh Nils Hjallen (admin)