Oppdatering New Zealand treff 2019

Her er ny info vedr. treff New Zealand fra Geoff Walton:


WATOC visit to New Zealand  2019 Update

Things are moving on with the organization for shipping bikes out to New Zealand for the 2019 Rally, so time for an update.

We have been working on an alternative shipping agent so people will have a choice who they send their bikes out and back with. The alternative shipper has plenty of experience in dealing with Bike clubs requirements having shipped bikes for the BSA and Vincent clubs on several occasions, and it is run by bike enthusiasts so you can be sure your bike will arrive in good condition and will be well taken care of.

There are a few differences in the services being offered and I will try and highlight these below:

You will remember that NZ Motorcycle adventures offer was complete service, where you drop of your bike at their depot in Kent in the south of England and pick it up in New Zealand ready to ride away, all legalities covered. Shipping back is equally simple , just drop off at the NZ depot and collect when it arrives back in the UK. Their costs have risen since my first article by £100 pounds and now their all in cost is £1600 ( for a “Bonneville” sized bike) and they don’t expect this to rise again before the trip. They can ship any number of bikes as we would not have any containers specific to WATOC.

The alternative shipper is Oakbridge Logistics, and their offer is a little different. Their price covers shipping from their depot north of London to New Zealand, customs clearance in New Zealand, return shipping to UK. They do not cover the following :

  1. Marine insurance – this is the choice of the individual owner and would be calculated at approx 2.5% of the value of the bike
  2. NZ agents fee’s (40NZD)
  3. MAF Inspection costs (22NZD)
  4. Warrant of Fitness – MOT (40NZD). You will need to take your own bike for testing, but we can help with this.
  5. Temporary registration (approx 80NZD). You will need to go and pay this yourselves but again we can help with this.
  6. Temporary Import taxes (calculation below). These are paid when the bike enters NZ and refunded in full when the bike leaves. You will have to pay this money up front when the shipping itself is paid for, but it will be refunded when the bike leaves NZ. The alternative to this is to purchase a carnet which would be calculated per container and would work out at approx £275 per bike (non- refundable) plus a refundable bond of 25% of the value of the bike. The important thing is all people with bikes in a container must choose the same option in this regard, so it has been decided that the Temp Import tax route is the way to go.

Oakbridge only work with complete containers and from their experience they can fit 17 bikes of a normal size (Bonneville) in a 40ft Container. There is also the possibility of using a 20 ft container if numbers require. The prices they have quoted us are per container, so anyone with a larger bike (Rocket 3) or combination will pay more.

Below you will find two tables, one a comparison of cost and services offered, and another showing the breakdown of the Temp Import Tax calculation.



  NZ M/c Adventures Oakbridge
Packing and shipping Included £565(Normal) £850 (R3) £1050 (Combination)
Marine Insurance Included 2.5% of value, not compulsory
Paperwork UK Customs Included Included
Paperwork NZ Customs Included Included
NZ Agents fee Included 40NZD ( £22,50 )
MAF Inspection Included 22NZD ( £12,50)
Temporary Import Taxes (Refunded after bike leaves NZ) Included   Not Included but refunded on departure
Carnet costs (Not required if Temp Import Taxes paid) Not required see above £275Fee + 25% of bike value refundable bond
Collection from Airport /hotel in NZ Included  Not Included
Warrent of Fitness costs (MOT NZ) Included 40NZD ( £22,50 )
Temporary Registration Included Approx 80NZD ( £45,00 )
Storage costs 7NZD per day 7NZD per day
Total Cost Bike -normal size £1600 565+22,50+12,50+22,50+45 = £ 667,50
Total Cost Bike -Rocket 3 £2150 850+22,50+12,50+22,50+45 = £ 852,50
Total Cost Bike -M/c + Sidecar £2650 1050+22,50+12,50+22,50+45 = £ 1052,50


Temporary import Tax calculation

Description Amount (calculated at current exch rates)
(a) Value for duty of vehicle (pounds sterling) ​ 8000
(b) Value for duty of vehicle (NZ$) – converted using Customs exchange rate eg, at 0.31​ 14170
(c) Value for duty after 27.5% depreciation allowed ​ 10273
(d) Duty = (c) at a rate of duty of 0%​ 0
(e) Freight, insurance, and shipping costs ​ 3000
(f) GST value = (c) + (d) + (e)​ 13273
(g) Goods and Services Tax (GST) = 15% of the total of (c) + (d) + (e) ​ 1990
Customs charges payable (d) + (g)​ 1990
Import entry transaction fee (IETF)​ 50
Total payable NZD2040

If this trip interests you, I would ask you to consider which of the two options you would prefer to take. As I stated the NZ M/c adventures option can deal with any number of bikes as it is tailored to the individual, the Oakbridge option however means working with full containers so we need to match the numbers we can get in.

I will work on first come first served , but please note a 500 pound deposit will be required around August 2018 and complete payment (including Temp import tax) by mid October 2018 if you choose the Oakbridge option.. Payment  for the NZ Adventures option are detailed on their website  :http://www.newzealandmotorcycleadventures.co.uk/

If you would like to register your interest please contact me at the email address below.

Any questions please contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible